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Super Impose PC Graphics On Live Videos.

ROV LED Lights

Solid State Lighting.

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Consume Less Power. More Penetration.


Sharp Underwater Photos.

High Quality Subsea Equipment & Components.

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We design and manufacture quality subsea equipment and components such as Video Overlays, LCD Screens and LED lights for ROV’s and divers. We also provide specialist custom design services.

With over 20 years of experience in the offshore Oil and Gas, and Fibre Optic Cable Lay industries, we are your trusted one-stop Electronic, Software and Hydraulic Design Shop.

ROV LED Lights

LED lights are the unrivalled choice of lighting when it comes to reliability in the marine environment. Compared to incandescent bulbs, they consumes less power and produce a more uniform light and at a color temperature that allows for greater penetration underwater.

We supply a range of ROV LED lights in 20 watt and 300 watt versions. Operational tests conducted have shown that the 20W unit provides roughly the same amount of light as a 150W incandescent light, while the 300W LEDs are roughly equivalent to 1500W of incandescent light respectively.

The 20W lights comes with a small power/dimming module to be installed in the ROV pod in place of the dimming unit currently installed.

Octopus Systems

Octopus Systems is one of Singapore’s premium suppliers and manufacturers of equipment for the offshore industry. We have had over 20 years of experience in the offshore Oil and Gas, and Fibre Optic Cable Lay industries.

We found when we were working offshore we had to make do with a lot of electronic and even some hydraulic equipment that was not designed for offshore use, or it was designed and built by onshore-based engineers with minimal offshore experience. While these engineers were most probably well qualified for their positions, they could not design relevant and user friendly systems for offshore use.

To resolve the issue, we established Octopus Systems to design and build relevant and user friendly equipment as well as complete systems that enable the front line users to do a better and more accurate job.

For companies and onshore management, this also means less downtime, fewer integration problems (we offer custom designed ‘smart’ software), less need to employ ‘specialists’ and more importantly in these trying times, cheaper more reliable equipment and systems.

Our mission is to design and build relevant and user friendly equipment for the offshore industry, produce high quality equipment for a reasonable price and support our customers in all aspects of their business where electronics, software or hydraulics is required.

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Video Overlay

ROV LED Lights

We’ve Been Designing For Over 20 Years

We have designed & supplied high quality equipments for the offshore Oil & Gas industry.

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Let us know what products you need. If there is no off the shelf solution, we can build it for you!
Do you provide control panels?
Yes, we do. In fact, we provide control panels that are compatible with the systems we provide to have a seamless integration.
Do you provide IPTV?
Ye, we provide high quality IPTVs to transmit High Definition Videos over the internet and/or intranets.
Do you provide custom designs?
Yes, we do. We customise electronic designs tailored to your specific needs.
What designs do you specialise in?
Our speciality is PIC Microprocessor-based designs.
Do you provide Electronic Servicing?
Yes, we do have the bandwidth and resources to service your electronics. Contact us today!

Client Testimonials

“Very impressed with the custom design made by Octopus Systems.” DANNY GRAHAM

“Murray has been great to work with. Very attentive to detail in his design and products.” MS CHONG

“Tried many suppliers but Octopus system is the one that delivers on time!” JOHN SMITH

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